All counselling can be continued via video and phone calls.

For everyone worried about the Coronavirus, and the ongoing impact on life’s regular routines and needs, whether you need to self-isolate or we hear the announcement from Government that we, like Italy, will need to be ‘on lockdown’, all quarantined in our own homes, I want to assure you that I am still here to support you.

If you usually see me face to face for counselling, or have been considering arranging some counselling support in the near future, or have seen your anxiety increase and would like some support, I am maintaining my appointments as video or telephone consultations.

Every appointment can be carried out via a Facebook Messenger call, or as a WhatsApp call – calling via these services is free (as long as you are connected to wifi; if you use pay as you go data please do inform me so I can be sure to be calling you, to prevent you incurring additional costs)

I know that things are very worrying right now – and it’s important that you know that I am still here for you, ready to support you and your needs no matter what happens.

None of us have lived through a situation like this one before – nobody knows quite what’s going to happen, or what the short and long term changes to our lives will be. Don’t try to face it alone – and don’t be afraid to reach out to me.

Though it’s not the same as being able to help you in person, I will continue to support every single person who needs it via these video calls or phone calls, whichever is your preference.

Call, text or message me here and let me know which is the best way to keep in touch with you.

If you aren’t already one of the people I support, but you are seeking someone safe to speak to about any worries you may have, or are seeing your mental and emotional wellbeing suffer as a result of this pandemic, and the impact it is having on our routines, our working lives, the health and wellbeing of the people we love, don’t feel like you need to cope alone. If we are quarantined or self-isolating, it could become a very lonely time – so reach out. I can help you to find the best coping mechanisms and help you to feel stronger and more ready to face the coming weeks and months.

You can find all of my contact information on the contact page;

We can get through this uncertainty, together.

All my best wishes,

Amanda Burbidge.