World suicide prevention day

September 10th is world suicide prevention day – and knowing that more people than ever before are struggling with their mental health, as services are being reduced and overwhelmed, it’s more important this year that we have conversations and check in with the people around us who might need more support than usual.

Suicide is a dreadfully difficult topic to raise, and it can feel impossible to let people know that you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, or to support loved ones who are battling them. The impact of losing someone to suicide is enormous, and the difficulty for those who find themselves in that darkest of mindsets is that they genuinely believe that others would be better off if they carry their plans through – which is far from the truth.

It can be very frightening if you have intrusive thoughts which plant that idea, and which build on depression and anxiety, and the stigma of seeking help means that many people feel trapped in the darkness.

It can also be overwhelming trying to support someone who is lost in the dark but who you know just needs the right access to help in order to move past it.

Mind have some great initial suggestions to help those who are struggling: you can find information on their website about how to seek help if you are struggling, and how to support others in their struggle

If you are struggling yourself and would like support and counselling to help you process your difficulties and to move past those thoughts I can help. You can contact me through this website, through FacebookLinkedIn or email on, or call me on 07849 037095 – you can also message or call via WhatsApp on the same number, and I offer video sessions for those who are still unable to meet in person. I can help – you don’t have to struggle alone, and our work together is completely confidential.